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Spa Yourself at home>>>

Royal Bed and Breakfast

British Columbia, Western Canada

Ultimate Spa Detox

Our newest spa package

  • Improving and detoxifying your skin doesn't require fasting, purging or an extreme overhaul of your life. It just requires a little bit of discipline, a commitment to taking a little bit of time each day for three days, and the right clinical strength products.
  • Book two nights stay at Royal B&B - add the Ultimate Spa Detox Package - and we will guide you as you begin your journey to hasten the removal of toxins from your skin, neutralize their effects, and re-mineralize with a clinical strength blend of natural ingredients.


Book your Detox Spa today and save 50% off your Spa Treatment

(date of Spa must be before 12/31/09)

Detoxification is a necessary function our bodies naturally perform to keep our system free of poison. It is a regular, internal process of hygiene that helps keep us healthy. So.....

Why the Ultimate Spa Detox?

  • Our skin is exposed to a wide range of toxins found naturally in the air, water and soil every day.
  • We also expose ourselves everyday to toxins: processed food and overeating, manufactured cigarettes, cleaning products, unnaturally fermented foods and alcohol, auto exhaust, synthetic drugs, etc.
  • Most of us are functioning below optimal health levels because of toxic overload . Toxins and waste are killing us softly, decreasing our immediate quality of life and aging us at a faster rate.

How do we help our bodies detoxify?

  • Purging toxins from our skin is a powerful first step.
  • We also need to follow a healthy lifestyle for maximum benefits.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Exercise regularly.

See how our BeautiControl Consultant can guide you to a renewed, healthier, happier life!

DAY1: First upon your arrival, you will be welcomed with a refreshing detox beverage. Once you have settled in, we will begin our cleanse with a multi-action resurfacing treatment for your face.

Are you ready to simply relax? Great! Close your eyes and enjoy a refreshing cloth mask. Take in a deep breath and smell the aroma as it calms your senses, with purifying botanicals and a refreshing blend of essential oils.

Next, a five-minute foot massage with a specially formulated blend of natural ingredients to detoxify, hydrate and exfoliate your feet. Followed with a hand massage to purify your skin as you hydrate and re-mineralize with our luxuriant moisturize containing botanical extracts, essential oils and shea butter. Your mini foot and hand massages will help soothe your spirit, and with the art of reflexology which is regarded as an effective way to target your entire body through pressure points on your hands and feet. Not only are you beginning to remove toxins from your skin, but you’re also helping release the tension you’re feeling in your muscles.

With just the first day of your 3 day program you will find that not only are you beginning to
remove toxins from your skin, but you’re also helping release the tension you’re feeling in your muscles.

DAY 2: Wake up refreshed and enjoy a breakfast full of enzyme rich foods designed to improve well-being and aid in your detoxification escape.

After breakfast detoxify and purify your skin as you hydrate and nourish your skin with BeautiControl's Detox Body Cream to contribute to a healthy lipid barrier and help boost your skin’s ability to prevent harmful toxins from entering the epidermis.

You will have much of the day to enjoy on your own. But with the intend of your weekend detox, may we suggest a brisk walk or some other vigorous exercise to invigorate your cardiovascular system? Exercise will help your body eliminate toxins through sweat. It also helps increase the amount of oxygen in your body with each breath, and you’ll be exhaling additional toxins. And don't forget to drink plenty of water to assist your body in flushing out unwanted toxins you have released from yesterdays program.

Later today join us back at the B&B to continue with your weekend Spa. Enjoy the BC Spa Detoxifying Clay Masque as it helps your body to release the toxins that are trapped in the pores of your skin. This deep cleaning treatment for your face and body should help you feel relaxed with soothing aroma as it detoxifies, neutralizes and re-mineralizes your skin.

DAY 3: Wake up your skin. Exfoliation during your morning shower will help open your pores and continue the detoxifying process you’ve begun.

You're not quite finished yet - one last opportunity to really deep clean and purge as many remaining toxins as you can from your skin. You are going to finish with a hot, soothing bath that contains the BC Spa Detox Detoxifying Bath Soak. A hot bath is known to open pores and increase circulation which will aid in your overall detoxification .

Then you can use the Detoxifying Body Cream and Detoxifying Foot Cream to massage any remaining tension out of your body.

Now that you have nudged your body's natural detoxifying function, you’ll want to replenish your body with a nutritious breakfast designed to improve your overall health.

Here's all what you get for the package price of $110 per person * EARLY BIRD SPECIAL OFFER ONLY $55 if you book your getaway before June 30th!!

  • Refreshments upon arrival and during your detox spa treatments
  • Your own BeautiControl Detox kit containing all the clinical strength blend of natural ingredients that you will need for your 3 day Detox program.
  • Chemical Peel and Microderm Abrasion treatment for your face
  • Mini Foot and Hand massage
  • Plus an optional personalized detox breakfast menu during your stay at the B&B
  • plus a bonus $50 Gift Certificate to purchase BeautiControl Products!
  • * Rates are subject to government sales taxes (5% GST until June 30, 2010 or 12% HST starting July 1, 2010)

To enjoy your BC Spa Detox here at Royal Bed and Breakfast:

  1. select a minimum of 2 nights stay at the B&B from our reservation calendar.
  2. Then select the BC Spa Detox Package from our current offers.
  3. Plan to arrive early to get started with your spa treatment!

Are you concerned about the toxins poisoning you, but you can't take the time out for a Detox Getaway?

Consider bringing the BC Spa Detox Treatment home to you. We offer a complete line of products that helps you remove the toxins from your skin, neutralize their effects, and re-mineralize with a clinical strength blend of natural ingredients. Ask Barb about what products will work best for you>>>

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