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British Columbia, Western Canada

We'd like to anounce the new addition of 2 resident Shih Tzu Puppies!

Born Aug 2006, Coco and Téa, were welcomed into our home 4 months later.


Could you be allergic to our Puppies?

If you have had an allergic reaction to other dogs, you may be wondering if this will be the case with our Shih tzu puppies. We will not know for sure until you have spend some time with a Shih Tzu. But please be aware that:


  • Our puppies are not allowed in guest bedrooms.
  • Shih Tzu, like other dogs who have hair instead of fur, shed less and have less dander than most dogs. For this reason they are often classified as "hypo-allergienic". But no dog is non-allergenic - not even a hairless breeed - because a person could be allergic to the saliva or urine of a dog as well as the dander/fur.
  • We have an on-going protocol to control the dust and dander in our home which includes the use of an EcoQuest Air purifier
  • Guests may request that we electronicly purify the air in their bedroom before arrival.


  • The puppies are bathed regularily to ensure they are less bothersom to to the allergic person.
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